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US Loses WTO Appeal

US Loses  WTO Appeal US Loses  WTO Appeal

The World Trade Organization has ruled in favor of Mexico in a trade dispute with the US, saying Washington’s requirement for “dolphin-safe” tuna labels is unfair to Mexican fishermen, AP reported. The WTO said US labeling rules set different requirements depending on where a fish is caught. It said Friday that the result is “less favorable treatment to Mexican tuna products.” A WTO appellate body reviewed the original ruling of a panel set up to settle the dispute first brought by Mexico in 2009. Friday’s ruling said US dolphin-safe labeling for tuna products still does not meet the requirements set by the dispute panel. Mexico originally argued that US “dolphin-safe” labels were illegal because they restricted trade. Mexico says its tuna production meets international standards preventing accidental capture of dolphins in nets. Mexico has been fighting for more than 20 years over rules the country argues have frozen its fishing industry out of a US imported canned tuna market worth $680 million in 2014. Mexico has about a 3.5% share.