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Hungary Industrial Output Up

Hungary Industrial  Output Up Hungary Industrial  Output Up

Hungary’s industry remains on an ascending path. Output grew by 6.7% on average in the first nine months of 2015, Portfolio reported. The full-year figure may be even higher than that, considering that the end of last year brought about rather poor figures. The country is expecting some slowdown at the end of this year too, due to the traditional pause in manufacturing, but the base effect is strong enough to support a higher growth figure. The key question in the following months will be whether other segments will be able to pick up the pace sufficiently to maintain the strong IP growth momentum, now that the high growth rate of the automotive sector is about to diminish. A slowdown can be expected in the sector as its growth has been closely linked to capacity boosts in vehicle production which are unlikely to be so robust in the coming years. This picture will probably get somewhat clearer once the government releases the detailed IP data next week, but an even more precise guidance is to be provided by orders data in early 2016.