Cardiology Congress

Cardiology CongressCardiology Congress

The 6th Heart & New Technologies, 1st Cardioendocrine, and 2nd Neurocardiology joint congress will be held February 2-3 at Niroo Research Institute in Tehran, said Dr Masoud Eslami, its scientific secretary.

“Sometimes a stroke is caused by a cardiovascular disease; neurological diseases may lead to heart diseases as well,” quoted him as saying.

Drugs that are regularly used to treat neurological problems can be used in some cases to treat heart diseases, he said.

“For example, beta-blockers (a kind of antidepressants) can reduce stress on the heart by blocking the action of the sympathetic nervous system of the heart,” he said.   The close links between various health fields will be discussed at the congress, organized by the Iranian Society of Atherosclerosis, Iran’s Neurology Association, and Iran Endocrine Society.


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