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Worst Smog in 7 Years Hits SoCal

Worst Smog  in 7 Years  Hits SoCalWorst Smog  in 7 Years  Hits SoCal

Hot and stagnant weather is making this summer one of the worst for smog in Southern California, USA. The area has not had so many bad air days or had these levels of ozone pollution since 2009, and with the bad air quality come increases in the number of people seeking medical treatment for respiratory illnesses like asthma and chronic bronchitis, according to a report on Ozone levels have exceeded federal standards on 91 days so far this year compared to 67 days over the same period of last year. Philip Fine, deputy executive officer for the South Coast air district, told the LA Times the unusually high number of smog days can be attributed to the hot, stagnant air combined with “some of the strongest, most persistent pollution-trapping inversion layers in years”. He noted that increased emissions are not likely to blame because of the stringent regulations but said smoke from the recent slew of wildfires could be a contributing factor. Storms typically clear the air, but they have been in short supply during the state’s historic drought.