Terror Plot Foiled

Terror Plot FoiledTerror Plot Foiled

The Intelligence Ministry announced on Monday that security forces had foiled a plot to carry out several suicide and terrorist attacks in different provinces, including Tehran.  

“One of the biggest terrorist plots by takfiri groups was thwarted” in recent days, the ministry said in a statement referring to hardline Sunnis who accuse followers of some Islamic sects of apostasy, Fars News Agency reported.

The statement said the terrorists had plotted bombings in different parts of the country, including Tehran and other provinces, to coincide with religious ceremonies in the holy month of Ramadan. “The terrorists have been arrested and a number of ready-to-explode bombs and a large amount of explosives were seized from them,” the ministry said. As investigations in and outside the country and interrogation of terrorists are still underway, details of the plots will be released in the future, the statement said. In related remarks on the same day, Supreme National Security Council Secretary Ali Shamkhani said security forces had captured several terrorists who were plotting bomb attacks in Tehran. “The Iranian authorities have apprehended several people suspected of trying to launch bomb attacks in Tehran.”