Red Lines observed in Nuclear Talks

Red Lines observed in Nuclear Talks  Red Lines observed in Nuclear Talks

A nuclear negotiator said none of the red lines in nuclear negotiations between Iran and the major powers has been crossed, voicing his full support for an outline agreement reached between the two sides on Thursday.

"The Supreme Leader has frequently talked about the negotiations. We say confidently that all the red lines of the Islamic system have been observed in nuclear negotiations. We assuredly defend this agreement in its legal, technical, political and other aspects," Hamid Baeidinejad told IRNA on Monday.

He criticized some domestic media for focusing on the western media hype and the claims they make about the provisions of the framework agreement to attack the negotiators and devalue their achievements, saying, "It would be better if they trusted the negotiating team. The country's top officials have been (regularly) kept posted on the talks."

"The Supreme Leader has been kept completely informed on the decisions and (President) Rouhani on the negotiations."

Referring to different interpretations by the negotiating parties from the joint statement read out by EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini and Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif to announce the agreement, the foreign ministry director general for political and international security affairs said, "Our reading of (the statement) is totally distinct from that of the West."

"They claim that they have prevented Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon, while we stress that we have preserved our peaceful (nuclear) program," he explained.

"Our target was to ensure the continuation of our peaceful program."

Elsewhere, He said the same issue has been considered from two different points of view which have led to different interpretations, in turn, causing confusion.  

He called on the critics to avoid trusting the western media and beware of their propaganda campaign.

"It's best (the critics make their judgment) based on the remarks of their own (foreign) minister and domestic officials," he added.