Bolivia’s Morales to Run Again

Bolivia’s Morales to Run AgainBolivia’s Morales to Run Again

Bolivian President Evo Morales on Saturday agreed with the ruling party proposal to run for the president again, for the fourth time, in 2019. “If the people say that they would go for the reelection with Evo, then, no problem, we will keep bashing the right-wingers,” Morales said as quoted by the online outlet Deber. In February, as many as 51.3% of Bolivians voted in a referendum against a constitutional amendment that would allow Morales to seek his fourth term in office in 2019. The country’s constitutional court ruled in 2013 to allow Morales run for his third stretch, despite a two-term limit established in the Bolivian Constitution. The ruling Movement for Socialism party offered Morales several solutions, including a constitutional reform, another referendum, a resignation four months before the elections or citizens’ appeal to the constitutional court.


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