Spain Deputies to Debate Coalition Bid

Spain Deputies to Debate Coalition BidSpain Deputies to Debate Coalition Bid

Spain’s Pparliament is due to begin debating whether to allow the Socialist party to form a new government. The Socialists (PSOE) came second in December’s inconclusive elections and have until the end of the week to see if they can secure a majority in parliament, BBC reported. On Tuesday, PSOE leader Pedro Sanchez appealed to deputies to back his bid to form a coalition. However, correspondents say his chances of forming a government are slim. If he fails in a confidence vote later on Wednesday, another vote will be held on Friday. If neither vote is successful, parliament will have two months to choose a government or face fresh elections on 26 June. In his address to parliament on Tuesday, Sanchez called for the formation of a coalition based on common interests. He said a Socialist-led government would enact a series of progressive measures such as a minimum wage increase and a gender wage-gap law. Between them, the PSOE and partner party Ciudadanos command only 130 seats in the 350-seat lower chamber of parliament.