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Renewed Support for Private Sector

Renewed Support for Private Sector
Renewed Support for Private Sector

Iran’s economy is ready for a «take-off» as the authorities have unanimously come to conclude that economic affairs must be transferred to the private sector, former chairman of Tehran chamber of commerce, industries, mines, and agriculture (TCCIM), Yahya Ale-Es’haq, said during the first meeting of the chamber›s newly elected board members.

“The chamber›s election coincides with a time when Iran is dealing with unique internal and international developments and the unfolding events project a promising future ahead for the economy,” he was quoted by Mehr news agency as saying, referring to TCCIM›s Saturday election wherein Mas’oud Khansari was appointed as the new chairman, replacing Yahya Ale-Es’haq who held the position for two consecutive terms from 2006.

Referring to TCCIM›s efforts in promoting private sector role in the economy, Ale-Es’haq said the chamber›s responsibilities are even more sensitive today as the time is ripe for the private sector to assume a leading role in the economy.

«The TCCIM plans to form a committee aimed at facilitating foreign investment and preparing the ground for closer interaction between the government and private sector,” said Khansari, the chamber›s new chairman.

Noting that political developments in the international arena are now in Iran’s favor, Khansari anticipated huge investments to be made in various sectors once the economic sanctions [imposed against Iran by the West over its nuclear program] are lifted.