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Rural Inflation Down

Rural Inflation DownRural Inflation Down

Inflation rate in rural areas stood at 13.7 in the month of Esfand (February 20-March20) showing a decrease of 14.2 percent compared to a month before, the Statistical Center of Iran (SCI) announced Saturday, as reported by IRNA. According to SCI’s data main food groups have registered a consumer price index (CPI) of 234.9 in the month of Esfand, which indicates 0.3 percent increase compared to the preceding month. However, the CPI for main food groups has increased 9.5 percent compared to the same month in a year before (point to point inflation).  Moreover, the CPI for non-edible products and services stood at 201.3, which indicates a 0.7 increase compared to a month before and an annual point to point inflation of 17 percent compared to the same month a year before.