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IME’s Weekly Report

IME’s Weekly ReportIME’s Weekly Report

More than 434,149 tons of various commodities were traded at the Iran mercantile Exchange (IME), valued at about 5 trillion rials, in the week ending January 14, IME’s public relations and foreign affairs office reported.

The agricultural trading floor played host to about 475,000 tons of corn, 500 tons of wheat, 105 tons of soybean, 1,190 tons of sugar, and 25 tons of barely. The trade volume registered 6.6 percent growth compared to the same period last week.

Elsewhere, the local and export industrial and mining floor saw 205,395 tons of different commodities traded, valued at more than 2.19 trillion rials. Some 92,090 tons of various steel sections, 100,000 tons of iron ore, 12,990 tons of copper, 100 tons of molybdenum-sulfur, 200 tons of industrial coke, and 15 tons of precious metals concentrate were among other commodities traded on the same floor.

Meanwhile, a total of 223,000 tons of various commodities were traded on the export and local oil and petrochemical trading floor, valued at more than 2.8 trillion rials. Some 100,190 tons of polymers, 52,800 tons of vacuum bottoms, about 17,000 tons of lube-cut oil, 19,000 tons of chemicals, 15,000 tons of sulfur, and 1,000 tons of roof insulation were among other commodities offered there.