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IME Weekly Trade Report

IME Weekly Trade Report
IME Weekly Trade Report

More than 372,000 tons of commodities valued almost 7.7 trillion rials were offered on the spot market of the Iran Mercantile Exchange during the week ending Oct. 15, the IME’s international affairs and public relation said.

Various commodities were offered on the industrial and mining, oil and petrochemical and other trading floors including the export trading floor. As the report said, the trade of steel, aluminum, molybdenum concentrate, sulfur, vacuum bottom and soybean meal hiked the most among the other commodities.

Close to 208,000 tons of commodities were traded on the industrial and mining trading floor valued at 4.4 trillion rials. Some 200,000 tons of steel of different types, 4,110 tons of copper, 3,930 tons of aluminum, 100 tons of molybdenum concentrate, 9 tons of precious metals’ concentrate, 2 kilograms of gold bullion were purchased by the traders at the IME.

Considering the volume and value of the trades, the steel commodities rose 104 percent and 115 percent respectively. Besides, the trade volume of aluminum was up by a 36 percent, and the trade value increased by a 35 percent.

Moreover, 163,000 tons of oil and petroleum commodities valued at 3.293 trillion rials were sold through the oil and petrochemical trading floor as well as the export trading floor. Meanwhile, 52,000 tons of bitumen, 36,000 tons of polymers, 46,000 tons of vacuum bottom, 7,500 tons of lube-cat, about 17,000 tons of chemicals, 5,800 tons of sulfur and 30,000 tons of various gases and feedstock were traded at the same trading floor.

Furthermore, 750 tons of maize, 155 tons of barley, and 480 tons of soybean meal were also traded on the agricultural trading floor.