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IME Saturday Report

IME Saturday ReportIME Saturday Report

Iran Mercantile Exchange’s spot market and secondary market featured 215,000 tons of 30 types of commodities on Saturday trading, IME reported. Close to 41,388 tons of various petrochemical commodities were listed on the board of the oil and petrochemical trading floor. About 32,300 tons of various grades of bitumen by Jey Oil Refining Company, 32,000 tons of bitumen by Pasargad Oil Company, 2,000 tons of slap wax, 17,000 tons of vacuum bottoms and 500 tons of sulfur were offered there. The export trading floor witnessed the offering of 5,000 tons of bitumen 6070. The industrial and mining trading floor played host to 10,120 tons of rebar bundles by Khorasan Steel Company as well as 200 tons of metallurgical coke by Zarand Coke Making & Refinery Company. About 53,800 tons of corn, 11,000 tons of white sugar, 4,000 tons of durum wheat and 5,000 tons of rice were supplied on the agricultural trading floor.