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Mineral Water Pools

Mineral Water PoolsMineral Water Pools

Several amazing destinations in Semnan and Mazandaran provinces are considered in a tour planned by Arand Touring Company for Friday and Saturday, November 17-18.

The first day’s itinerary includes Darband Cave in Mehdishahr County of Semnan Province and Chouret Lake in the middle of the forests between the cities of Sari and Kiasar in Mazandaran Province. A local house is booked for lodging.

On the second day, the group will visit the geologic masterpiece of Badab-Surt, a range of stepped iridescent pools of mineral water with beds of rust-colored travertine south of Sari.

The colorful puddles top each layer of rock, blanketing the naturally formed terraces, forming an exquisite sight alight with fiery hues. The scenery is breathtaking.

The program ends with lunch before the return journey. More info is provided at


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