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Momayez Commemorated at Artists Forum

A view of the exhibition of logos designed by Morteza Momayez at Iranian Artists ForumA view of the exhibition of logos designed by Morteza Momayez at Iranian Artists Forum

The commemoration ceremony of the late Morteza Momayez (1935-2005), the renowned pioneer of graphic design in Iran, on the occasion of his 11th death anniversary was held at the Iranian Artists Forum (IAF) in Tehran, on Friday, November 25.

Organized by the Momayez Cultural Artistic Institute, the event included the exhibition of the logos and sketches created by Momayez at the IAF gallery named after him, Honaronline reported.

“Momayez designed the highest number of logos for organizations, institutions and offices and trained many renowned students. This is why he is still remembered even 11 years after his demise and surely artists will commemorate him in the future years as well,” said Mahmoud Salahi, head of the Tehran Municipality’s Art and Cultural Organization.

Swiss graphic designer and photographer Melchior Imboden, 59, who was the guest of the event said, “I saw Momayez first in France, along with many other Iranian designers, and I was strongly influenced by his spirit. He was not only an outstanding creative graphic artist, but also a great human with a heart full of love.”

The Swiss artist also pointed to the posters he designed for Momayez based on the photos he took from the Iranian veteran designer the year before his death.

Stephane Rey, the charge d’ affaires at the Swiss Embassy in Tehran, who was also present, said, “Imboden’s presence here shows the good relationship between Iranian and Swiss designers.”

Tehran holds a special status among graphic designers worldwide. “If I were a designer, I would certainly travel to Tehran as there are many interesting events happening in the city which can generate good ideas,” Rey noted.

Besides the exhibition of Momayez logos, Imboden’s works along with a selection of artworks by his students are also on display at the IAF.


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