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Ancient Aboriginal Art Found in Sydney

Ancient Aboriginal Art Found in SydneyAncient Aboriginal Art Found in Sydney

Hidden for over several centuries, this purely unique and distinctive art work has evaded multitudes of generations. Concealed behind vast amounts of flora and mistaken for graffiti and spray paint, the ancient site was not discovered until recently in Sydney’s North shore.

The site was found accidentally by officials of Sydney Water, a corporation which provides potable drinking water, while investigating an ancient fishing hook, who were pleasantly surprised to discover a historic site in which ancient practices and existences were illustrated.

The art works, using dyed clay and water with the mix blended in their mouths and misted over their hands as paint is then used to create different art forms and illustrations, reports

 Not Revealed

Not wanting to endanger the archeological site, the location of the said site has not been revealed.   

The art was digitally enhanced and the colors made more vibrant through computer technology, this allowed for the artworks to be critiqued with more depth and to prove that it is not new or graffiti.

The exact age of the artwork is not yet known due to its relative obscurity and newness. However the discovery of mostly stenciled hand art can help provide insight to the comparatively vague and unprecedented lives of the ancient aboriginals in Australia.

Besides hand stencils there were also a plethora of eel, spearhead and moon shaped images adorning the walls.

Yvonne Kaiser-Glass, Sydney Water’s archaeologist, stated that the site was found on World Archeologist Day. Due to its historical implication and the knowledge it can help provide, the discovery of the site will prove to be very valuable indeed.