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IAF Honor for 3 Doyens

IAF Honor for 3 DoyensIAF Honor for 3 Doyens

Iranian Artists' Forum is organizing research seminars on three Iranian masters of visual arts who have created lasting masterpieces.

Shahnaz Hall of Iranian Artists' Forum in Tehran will host three seminars on three consecutive days September 15-17 to honor three senior masters of visual arts, according to the Iranian Illustrators Society (

  Yadollah Kaboli

The ceremonies start from 6-8 pm. The first will honor calligrapher Yadollah Kaboli Khansari, 66. Painter Houshang Amir Ardalan and calligrapher Mohammad Heydari will attend the meeting and deliver speeches.

Kaboli is a member of the board of trustees at the Society of Iranian Calligraphists. He has a first degree art certificate from the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance.

His published books include 'Broken Script and How to Read It', 'A Guidebook on the Broken Script', 'Mehrab-Khial, A Collection of Choice Works', 'Kelk-Sheydaee', 'Bagh-Nazar Collection of Choice Works', 'Quatrains of Baba Taher' and 'Naqsh-Showq, A Collection of Choice Works'.

In addition to his exhibitions in Iran, Kaboli has held international shows in London,  Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, Paris, Columbia University in New York, Dubai, Rome and Madrid.

  Ali Akbar Sadeqi

The second day (Sept. 16) is dedicated to Ali Akbar Sadeqi, 78, one of the most prolific and successful painters and artists. Speakers at the event are graphic artist Qobad Shiva and Nasrollah Afjei who will be honored on the following day.

The ceremony will also feature the two animations of 'Zal and Simorgh' and 'Golbaran', both directed by Sadeqi.

Ali Akbar Sadeqi is known for the heroic atmosphere of his paintings. He initiated a particular style in Persian painting, influenced by Coffee House painting, iconography, and traditional Iranian portrait painting. Traits of the Qajar tradition of painting with a blend of surrealism, influenced by the art of stained glass, are seen in his works.

  Nasrollah Afjei

On its third and last day, the program honors painter and calligrapher Nasrollah Afjei, 82. Painter, graphic artist and calligrapher, Eynoddin Sadeqzadeh, and painter and calligrapher Ali Shirazi will speak in his honor.

Ali Shirazi has a wealth of experience in various techniques and materials. The Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance has awarded him the first degree art certificate. His artworks are archived at several museums, namely Tehran Museum of Contemporary Arts, National Museum of Holy Quran, Imam Ali Museum in Tehran, Sanati Museum of Contemporary Arts in Kerman, Astan Qods Razavi Museum, Sa'dabad Palace and Parliament House in Baharestan Square, Tehran.