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Creativity Through Love of Art and Food

Creativity Through Love of Art and FoodCreativity Through Love of Art and Food

Using honey, ketchup and Nutella, the Egyptian young girl Aya Hany creates unique art pieces.

A 20-year-old student at Mansoura University, Egypt, Hany says she has found a way to combine her two passions - art and food, Reuters reported.

“I like everything that has to do with brushes and paint and everyone likes food. Drawing with food ingredients combined those two things for me, and I can now eat the masterpieces that I drew,” she said.

Hany now teaches a class of her own showing people the skills of her trade. She dreams of hosting an art-focused television show. “I don’t want to do it because of fame but I really want to pass on what I know to others,” she added.

As a young child, Hany painted portraits of her family who supported her and encouraged her into pursuing her art. “It gives me immense delight to hear from someone that they got interested in drawing because of me, even more so than when I’m happily drawing,” she said.

Apart from hosting exhibitions at local galleries, Hany also holds art shows, where she makes portraits for people.