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Alzahra University, Saadi Foundation to Promote Persian

Alzahra University, Saadi Foundation to Promote Persian
Alzahra University, Saadi Foundation to Promote Persian

Saadi Foundation and Alzahra University in Tehran have signed a memorandum of understanding to promote Persian language at the international level.

Chancellor of Alzahra Ansieh Khazali and head of the foundation, Gholamali Haddad Adel, signed the MoU in Tehran to start joint projects in Persian language learning through research and education.

"Among the strengths of countries like the US and Britain is the widespread use of their language," IBNA quoted Haddad Adel as saying at a meeting to endorse the agreement.

With millions of people speaking English, the US and Britain can easily express and convey their points of view and opinions, "but we have a lot of work to do at every step" in international forums.

"Promotion of the Persian language was not feasible under a single organization or ministry. So a few years ago, we proposed establishment of an independent foundation responsible for promotion of Persian to the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution. It took a while, but they eventually approved and that is how the Saadi Foundation came into being," he said.

Over three years have passed since the foundation started its official activities in 2012. It works in cooperation and synergy with other institutes and organizations, he added.

Khazali referred to facilities at Alzahra University, such as educational and recreational spaces and dormitories. "There are several foreign students in our university who are studying the Persian language, but additionally, we have online educational services for non-attendants. In cooperation with the foundation, we hope to expand our online activities."

"The facilities at our disposal will help us host international students who attend the Persian Language and literature refresher courses annually," particularly in summer, Khazali said.

  Areas of Cooperation

The MoU calls for cooperation in education, research and technology and cultural and social activities.

The two sides agreed also to cooperate in sharing experience, documents and information with the use of information technology and conduct research workshops.

Translation and publication of Persian literary works into the foreign languages will be among the joint endeavors.

Another area of cooperation is providing resources for articles, books, journals, websites, as well as scientific, research and literary conferences and seminars.

Developing Persian language learning software, holding international Persian language Olympiads, organizing cultural-recreational tours and camps for foreign students and conducting Persian language and literature refresher courses, are on the agenda.