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Mythical Forms on Canvas

Mythical Forms on CanvasMythical Forms on Canvas

An art collection by Iranian artist Ali Nedaei is currently on view at Tehran’s Atbin Art Gallery.

Titled ‘From Among Myths,’ the series includes abstract drawings of horses, horseriders and lions on black canvases, Mehr News Agency quoted Nedaei as saying.

By using silver and gold colors in his drawings against a dark background, the mythical forms are highlighted in a unique way.

“This art comes from my inner inspirations, created after numerous drafts. A drawing might take a long time to be created and a great deal of practice to take shape the way it was shaped in my mind,” said the artist.

On the use of the black background for his creations, he said: “Colors and forms can be striking on white backgrounds. But if you want to see the brilliance of bright colors like silver and gold, the colors I’ve used, the best choice would be a dark canvas. The contrast between colors perfectly highlights the shining forms.”

Although in some cases, Nedaei has taken inspiration from Persian literature, like those mentioned in the celebrated epic ‘Shahnameh’ (literally the book of kings) by Persian poet Ferdowsi, horses are the most highlighted elements in all his drawings.

 “I believe horses are witnesses of human civilizations and history because they have been present in most of the historical events.” Lions, in addition, have a symbolic meaning in Persian literature, “so I used them as mythical creatures in my works.”

Ali Nedaei, 59, has a master’s degree in painting from Tehran University of Art. He has taught art since 1989 and has participated in numerous local and foreign art events.

The exhibition will continue until May 27 at the gallery, located at No. 42, Khakzad St., Parkway crossroad, Vali-e Asr Avenue.