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Tehran Doors on View

Tehran Doors on ViewTehran Doors on View

A photo exhibition by the Iranian artist Arash Chamanara is underway at No.6 Gallery in Tehran.

‘Door-Tehran’, the photos portray doors of old residential buildings in the capital city. The collection took eight months to complete, ISNA quoted the artist as saying.

“I live in an old neighborhood in Tehran, among numerous buildings with nostalgic structures and color designs. The front doors of homes were the most interesting parts that attracted my attention,” the artist said.

He started taking several photos of doors, sharing them in his Instagram feed. “I was surprised by the huge positive feedback I got from the shots and that drove me to continue working on the project creating a 3500-item collection.”

The exhibition includes 55 photos featuring details such as keyhole, that is the “most important element”  shown in all photos, Chamanara added.

The doors are made of various materials, mostly wood, metal and even glass. “An interesting point I found out during the project was that buildings had doors of similar form and design in a certain area, and each town had a special theme in building design,” the artist added.

The project covers about one fourth of Tehran area, from the northern Tajrish district to the southern Shoush Squares. The artist says the project could also be seen as commemorative of the old areas, when, for example “the houses are timeworn or destructed 20 years from now.”

The exhibition will continue for a week at the gallery, located at No.1, 22nd Alley, Mirzaye Shirazi St., Tehran.