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‘Life of an Artist’ on Stage

‘Life of an Artist’ on Stage‘Life of an Artist’ on Stage

Two plays ‘Life of an Artist’ and ‘The Moon and the Panther’ both directed by Hamed Advay are on stage at Jamshid Mashayekhi Hall in Tehran.

About his productions, Advay said that ‘Life of an Artist’ is a mix of French dramatist, Jean Anouilh, whose works ranged from high drama to absurdist farce. He has brought in Irish avant-garde novelist and playwright Samuel Beckett and Russian playwright Anton Chekhov, and tries to express their concerns in life.

The play narrates the story of a writer who has reached fame. He now hosts a reporter from a neighboring country in his house for an interview. But certain visitors to the writer’s home interrupt the interview and it is left unfinished.

“The character of the writer in the play tried to create a comedy but the playwright shows us that the life we live itself is a comedy,” Advay told Honaronline.

“The reason I picked this play was because of the events and experiences writers and directors face while producing a performance; a situation that takes away their peace of mind.”

The play is very much a fantasy.

On why they are performing two plays simultaneously, he said as both had the same theme “we, in ‘Gereh’ (knot) Theater Group, decided to stage them together.”

“The Moon and The Panther” is a Persian folklore story written by Bijan Mofid. Advay said the group used the main story of the play but the production is far different. It focuses on the influence of the media on public opinion in a fantasy atmosphere like the other play.

‘Life of an Artist’ went on stage on February 20 and is staged at 6 pm. The other play starts at 8 pm. The hall is located in the northwest of Vali-e-Asr junction and the plays will run through March 10.