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Expats to Stage ‘Crack’ in Stockholm

Expats to Stage ‘Crack’ in StockholmExpats to Stage ‘Crack’ in Stockholm

The play ‘Crack’, directed by Javad Atefeh will be staged at Stockholm City Theater in Sweden in March.

Translated by theatre artist and playwright Charlotte Neuhauser, the play written by Iranian-origin Swedish national Nasim Barghashi, is about emigrants and their encounters with local people in their place of destination. The writer describes both guests and hosts as “trapped in a dead-end boulevard,” Honaronline quoted Atefeh as saying.

A production of Atepho Theater Company, the play will be performed jointly by professional Swedish actors including Lovisa Westerblom, and Iranian theater artists Maliheh Minookherad, Ali Barghashi and Atefeh Pakbaznia.

Minookherad and Barghashi have acted in ‘Townsman’ by Mehdi Hashemi, ‘Spell God’, by Asghar Hemat, ‘Little Bourgeoisies’ by Naser Yousefinejad, ‘Deer’ by Hamideh Hamzeh and ‘Under the Rain’ by Seyfollah Daad earlier in plays staged in Iran before they continued their theater activities in Sweden.

The play will undertake a European tour after it is staged in Iran in the first half of the incoming Iranian calendar year (starts March 20).