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Ghadiri’s ‘Perception’ at Golestan Gallery

Ghadiri’s ‘Perception’ at Golestan GalleryGhadiri’s ‘Perception’ at Golestan Gallery

A painting exhibition titled ‘Perception’ by artist Golnaz Ghadiri inaugurated at Golestan Gallery in Tehran on Friday, (Feb. 19), saw famous art figures visiting the exhibit on the first three days.

This is the fifth time Ghadiri is showcasing her abstract works at Golestan Gallery where a total of 15 paintings are on display for the public, Honaronline reported.

Veteran Filmmaker Bahman Farmanara, actresses Mahnaz Afshar, Kamand Amirsoleimani and Nasim Adabi, writer Goli Emami, painter Bita Vakili and music producer Ramin Sediqi have visited the exhibit.

The paintings have been warmly received and nine artworks have been sold.

Through her expressive strokes of beautiful colors on the palette, the young artist has created in her paintings a poetical impression which conveys a feeling of freedom to the viewer.

Although the exhibited works come in different sizes of large and small, the common feature among them is that all are panel paintings - a technique in which paintings are made on a number of pieces of wooden panels that, joined together, form a single picture.

On the concept of a specific structure of her works, formed of several panels, she said, “In today’s life, people work in different places and in several shifts and this was an issue which has concerned me; it is as if we are all fragments of a whole, so I thought panel paintings can pass on the message that I have in mind”.

Ghadiri always creates abstracts and usually doesn’t have a title for her exhibits as she believes the audience has a significant role in understating their perspective of the works. However, this time she has given a title to give viewers a clue of what they are to experience.

 Feeling of Liberty

“I tried to express the feeling of liberty I have felt in the past two years in my works as my creations transformed from a more rigid framework to a freer style. This happens when you seek a new concept, and you have to leave your old beliefs behind and get rid of the restrictions,” she said, hoping visitors would perceive what she means in the works.

Veteran artist and director of the gallery Lili Golestan, 71, has supported Ghadiri and her art from the start. “Since the first time I met her, I was impressed by the subtle and poetic nature of her works created by strong strokes of the brush on canvas; I liked the proximity of the two and decided to follow and encourage her,” she said.

Golestan Gallery is always looking for new talent and to expand the horizons of art in the society.

Born in Tehran, Ghadiri, 35, holds a bachelor of arts in painting from Azad University. She has held seven solo exhibitions so far and participated in over 30 group exhibits.

Enthusiasts can visit the artworks till February 24 at the venue, located at No 34, Shahid Kamasai Ave., Darous neighborhood.