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Moeini-Kermanshahi Passes Away

Moeini-Kermanshahi Passes AwayMoeini-Kermanshahi Passes Away

Veteran Iranian poet and lyricist Rahim Moeini-Kermanshahi passed away on Tuesday at Jam Hospital in Tehran. He was 93.

He was suffering from dyspnea (shortness of breath) and chest pain in the past few years, ISNA reported.

Born in the western city of Kermanshah, the reputed poet wrote lyrics for radio singers of his time.

He was also a pioneering songwriter in the history of Persian traditional music.

During his 60 years of dedication to Persian literature and poetry, he published over 20 books and wrote lyrics for about 500 songs. Among his famous publications are ‘Oh Burn Thou Candles’, ‘Nature’, ‘Night Sun’ and ‘Rise You Hafez’.

One of his great works is an 18-volume history of Iran after Islam in the form of beautiful Persian classical poetry titled ‘Shahkar’ (Masterpiece), which contains over 200,000 lines of poetry in 7,800 pages. All his books are among the best sellers and routinely republished.

Moeini-Kermanshahi cooperated with renowned traditional musicians Ali Tajvidi, Parviz Yahaqi and Homayoun Khoram in creating memorable songs.

His musical works are remastered every year by Iranian singers in and outside the country.