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‘Vain’ in the City of Art

‘Vain’ in the City of Art‘Vain’ in the City of Art

Arezoo Eskandari, clothes designer, presented her conceptual work of art, a newspaper dress, at the 4th City of Art Exhibition and Festival at Tehran Milad Tower.

Made of waste newspaper, the dress is a symbol of the “interrelation between the press and apparel industry,” Honaronline reports.

The author of ‘Art of Apparel Designing’ said her art concept received a huge feedback.

Titled ‘Vain,’ some sections of the audience described it “a new wedding dress style.”

Such art awakens various and sometimes unique interpretations in visitors’ minds. “This is a notable characteristic of conceptual works.”

Eskandari noted that the newspaper dress “is a separate branch in apparel designing, in which the artist realizes her perspectives in creating different forms with papers.”

Her aim was to show there are several newspapers and journals that appear stylish and chic but publish practically shallow and useless information. “So the dress is named ‘vain’ to imply that garments appearing chic may actually be useless.”

She lamented the lack of opportunity to present different dimensions of apparel, “other than merely for the purpose of wearing.” Few exhibitions have been organized for conceptual arts. Clothes have the potential to send different messages to the audience. They can convey the artist’s opinions and beliefs, just as paintings and sculptures do.

Eskandari displayed her artwork along with 100 artists in the conceptual art category with the central theme of protecting the environment.

The exhibition was organized by the Art and Cultural Organization of the Tehran Municipality to help promote cinema, theater, music, handicrafts and visual arts in different categories, aiming at reconciling people with nature. It concluded on Friday.