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‘Lunchtime’ on Stage at Iranshahr Theatre

‘Lunchtime’ on Stage at Iranshahr Theatre‘Lunchtime’ on Stage at Iranshahr Theatre

The play ‘Lunchtime,’ directed by Reza Baharvand is underway at Iranshahr Theatre’s Samandarian Hall in Tehran.

It narrates the effect of modern technology on families. The story unravels in a family, whose members are obsessed with technology. This causes disruption in their lunchtime and consequently, they have no time to eat together, Honaronline reports.

“Although I added some fantasy elements to the original text, the performance is still realistic similar to the actual play,” said Baharvand.

He also appreciated Majid Sarsangi, head of Iranian Artists’ Forum, for his support to young artists.

The play is written by a young influential Italian playwright, Giulia Lombezzi, with a humanistic and universal message.

Baharvand had earlier staged the play at the international section of the 18th University Theatre Festival and won prizes for the best lead actress, stage design and directing.

Majid Norouzi, Tino Salehi, Niayesh Bahmanieh and Ghazal Shojaee form the cast. Farhad Nazerzadeh-Kermani, researcher of performing arts, attended the play opening on September 7.

The 70-minute show will be on stage through October 2, at Iranshahr Theater, Art Garden, N. Mousavi St., Taleqani St.