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‘Man and Nature’ on Exhibit

‘Man and Nature’ on Exhibit‘Man and Nature’ on Exhibit

A collection of art installations and paintings by young artist Amin Shojaei, is underway at Tehran’s O Art Gallery.

“The gradual extinction of human civilization” is reviewed in the collection. In the artworks, Shojaei expresses concern for nature and the environment, and criticizes man’s destructive relationship with nature.

The multi-dimensional presentation of art contributes to expressing an artist’s environmental concerns and also involves the viewer. In general, he focuses on the “network of relations between humans, the world and the whole universe, ultimately leading to the devastation of civilizations,” Honaronline quoted him as saying.

The exhibition comprises three parts, on the theme “relations between humans and nature” through different media. The first section shows installation art conveying “the gap between human beings and environment, which implies that the relation between the two is lacking or hasn’t received sufficient attention.”

The second includes volume painting that feature a friendly and colorful atmosphere. “Natural elements such as bee hives, wooden boxes and mechanical fasteners like nails, wires and horseshoes,” have been used. The wires imply human thoughts linked in a chain.

Surreal abstract paintings are displayed in the third part. The exhibition will run through August 10 at the gallery located in Khosrow Alley, Villa (Nejat-ol Lahi) Street.

Shojaei, 29, holds a master’s degree in industrial engineering from Tehran’s Industrial Management Institute. The event is his second solo exhibition. The first was held at Darya Beigi Gallery. He has also held several group exhibitions at Iran Artists’ Forum (2014), Jorjani Gallery (2013) and Saba Gallery (2012).