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National Mothers Film, Photo Festival

National Mothers Film, Photo FestivalNational Mothers Film, Photo Festival

The first National Mothers Festival of Film and Photo has been organized by Fatemeh Gudarzi, well-known Iranian television and cinema actress, from July 28-31, in Tehran.

The festival is in two parts: films addressing the concept of motherhood and filmmakers who are mothers. It is a dual effort to show how national filmmakers view maternity and how mothers who are filmmakers, view the society they work in.

According to the public relations office of the festival, “The eternal role of mothers as the focal point in families has changed and is fading in the chaotic modern world of today; therefore, the art of cinema can revive their role in education and culture through such events.”

“Cinema is the closest media to real life. If it is closely focused on a social issue, it will be deeply effective,” Gudarzi said.

Pointing to various national festivals in Iran, Gudarzi noted the necessity of such a festival. “Arrangements were made with the relevant officials to honor the high status of mothers.” Fortunately the idea was warmly welcomed by senior cultural and artistic officials, “encouraging us to continue the work.”

Gudarzi, 52, started her artistic activities with the TV series ‘Grandma’s Galoshes’ and entered the world of cinema in 1990 with ‘For Everything’.  Her performances include ‘Empty Hands’ in 2007, ‘Iranian Style Marriage’ in 2006, ‘The Gazelle’ in 1996, ‘I Want to Be Alive’ in 1995, ‘Hidden Paradise’ in 1994, ‘The Migrants’ in 1992 and TV series ‘Ra’na’ in 1990.

The event is being held in collaboration with the Independent Short Film Support Center – a center to identify talented filmmakers and the best independent cinema productions, and provide them with facilities to achieve domestic and international recognition.