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Woman Artist’s Photo Collection in Shiraz

Woman Artist’s Photo Collection in ShirazWoman Artist’s Photo Collection in Shiraz

A collection of Laleh Eskandari’s photography are on display at the ‘Jam Gallery’ in Shiraz - the sixth most populous city in Iran and the capital of Fars Province.

The photography exhibition is set to run until March 4, said the actress, pointing to the request to showcase artworks of a woman artist at the gallery opening on February 27. “Although I was busy involved in acting, I managed to participate in this artistic event displaying my works,” she added.  

The collection contains her earlier works along with new additions, and “this is the first time I am displaying them in an exhibition outside of Tehran,” she said, reports Mehr news agency.

The theme of the photographs is architecture and urban nature. As photographs “are so close to paintings, sometimes it is difficult for an observer to make a correct distinction,” she said. The collection involves 20 photos, some of which were displayed in the previous exhibition titled ‘The Reflection’ - her fifth in Tehran - on February 3.

Hoping for more artistic activities outside of Tehran, she pointed to her recent mural work being designed in Kish Island and looked forward to its implementation in the next Iranian year (starts March 21).     

Laleh Eskandari is an Iranian actress, also regarded as an active visual artist in the fields of painting, photography and mural works. Her works of mosaic - a picture or pattern produced by arranging together small pieces of colored stone, tile, or glass - on the walls of Tehran are acclaimed by the municipality.