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3D Street Art in Arak

3D Street Art in Arak3D Street Art in Arak

Globally regarded as a tourism attraction, 3d Street Art, often known as 3d chalk art is a 2-dimensional artwork drawn on the street that gives the observer a 3d optical illusion from a certain perspective.

Lesser-known in Iran, this work of art is expected to receive an impetus in Arak-- the capital of Markazi Province in central Iran - through artist Mokhtar Akbar-khani, ISNA reported.

Akbar-Khani has 22 years of experience in painting, and became familiar with 3d street art in 2010 via the Internet, and began to promote the art in Arak in 2013. His works are highly appreciated by the locals and authorities, thanks to the support of the new management team in the Organization of Arak Beautification.  

“There is no certain history dating the first work of 3d art,” he said, adding that from his point of view the first 3d wall painting was drawn by Michelangelo, the renowned Italian sculptor, painter, architect, poet, and engineer of the Renaissance.  “However, the current known-type of 3d street art is still new having been introduced 10-15 years ago,” he noted.

The 3d wall paintings have metaphysical, human destruction, industrial constructions or advertising related concepts in Europe and the U.S. while in Iran “the concept is related to tradition and religion, provided in a limited range of issues under the supervision of municipalities, which consequently restrains the artist’s creativity,” he noted.