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Rich Persian Culture Globally Recognized

Rich Persian Culture Globally RecognizedRich Persian Culture Globally Recognized

All nations in the world today acknowledge the rich Iranian culture, minister of culture and Islamic Guidance Ali Jannati said at the closing ceremony of the ‘Second Festival of Cultural Products of University Students across the Country.’

Referring to the long history of culture and civilization in Iran he said, “It is our duty to support the valuable heritage of our great culture and art in its progressive course.”

The closing ceremony was held on Monday (Feb. 16) at Vahdat Hall in Tehran, where the best research articles were praised, according to IBNA.

Supporting culture and art “as an intellectual and spiritual faculty” is of significance to the ministry.”Today works of Iranian artists are found not  only in the neighboring countries but  other places in the world as well,” Jannati noted.

Also speaking at the event, art deputy of the minister of culture and president of the Center of Art & Cultural Education, Hamid Shahabadi said “qualitative growth of scientific centers is their main concern, which through proper support can have a bright future.”

He said founding an applied science and technology park for culture and arts needs ministerial support to provide the 89,000 students in this field with practical education, besides theoretical lessons.

The winners of the selected articles were awarded at the ceremony,