Omicron XE Variant Not Detected in Iran Yet

Omicron XE Variant Not Detected in Iran Yet
Omicron XE Variant Not Detected in Iran Yet

The XE variant, a highly contagious recombinant mutation of Omicron, has not been identified in Iran but it is expected to arrive in the country as more people travel abroad, a member of the National Coronavirus Headquarters, Majid Mokhtari, said. 
“Hybrid strains such as XE can be 10 to 40% more transmissible,” Mokhtari warned on Monday, ISNA reported. 
XE is a combination of two Omicron subvariants BA.1 and BA.2. The BA.2 variant is the dominant form of SARS-CoV-2 across the world. 
“This strain has most likely not entered our country yet, unless it arrives as more people travel internationally in the coming months,” the official added. 
The first XE case was found in Britain back in January. The World Health Organization announced lately that it is assessing XE’s severity, spread and risk of infection, as well its effect on vaccine performance. 
Iran has reported a moderate rise in cases and outpatient visits, related to the coronavirus, over the past two weeks as many visited extended families during the New Year holidays and took trips around the country.
Only 48% of Iranians continue to adhere to the facemask mandate, and social distancing rules are widely ignored. 

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