Iran Gold Coins

  • Gold Coin Certificates in  the Offing
    The Central Bank of Iran is preparing the gold market to issue bond certificates for the pre-purchase of gold coins in the capital market, the secretary-general of the monetary regulator has...
  • New Gold Coin Bull Run Begins
    A new bull run has started in Iran's gold coin market, on the back of the rally that intensified in the current week.  The benchmark Bahar Azadi coin crossed another psychological threshold in a...
  • Uptrend in Gold Coin, Forex Rates
    The Emami benchmark gold coin gained another 1% in Tehran on Monday and was traded at close to 25 million rials ($59), a new all-time high, according to Tehran Gold and Jewelry Union’s website. 
  • Gold Coin Surge Continues
    Bahar Azadi gold coin continued its upward trend to gain 800,000 rials ($19) over the four-day period ending Thursday. The Central Bank of Iran announced that the US dollar’s exchange rate rose...
  • Gold Prices Up
    Emami gold coin gained 200,000 rials ($4.7) to trade at 20,640,000 rials ($491) in Tehran’s market on Monday. 
  • 6m Presold Coins to Calm Gold Market
    Close to six million gold coins are to enter the market by the time the current Iranian year ends in March 2019 and this is expected to deflate the bubble in gold prices, which was formed ahead of...
  • Gold Coin Surges
    As the price of all gold coins continued to rise in Tehran’s market, the Central Bank of Iran...
  • Iranians placed a lot more bets on gold in the first quarter of 2018.
    Iran's gold demand more than tripled in the first quarter of 2018 while Saudi Arabia's dropped 15%, data released by the World Gold Council show.  Iranians placed a lot more bets on gold in the...
  • 5m Coins Sold  in Presales
    As the Central Bank of Iran launched a new round of gold coin presales since the beginning of the new fiscal year (March 21), a total of five million coins have been sold by Bank Melli branches,...
  • Gold Presales Moving Long Term
    The Central Bank of Iran, as part of its policy to adopt a long-term strategy in the gold market, has stopped the sale of gold coins with three-month maturities, local media reported on Sunday. ...
  • Gold Coin Auctions, Presales to Resume
    The Central Bank of Iran is to resume its auction and presale of gold coins as of Saturday. According to IBENA, a news website affiliated with the regulator, CBI had launched the two schemes during...
  • The CBI policy seems to have succeeded in deterring people away from the speculative currency and gold markets.
    There seems to be no end to the gold coin fever engulfing Iran's market. Despite the...
  • People flocked to Bank Kargoshaee on Saturday to buy coins in an auction.
    Bank Melli Iran, through its affiliate Bank Kargoshaee, has launched a three-day auction to deflate...  
  • IME is taking the lead in expanding the portfolio of financial instruments available to investors this year.
    Options are making their final approach toward Iranian securities markets.