Iran Gold Coins

  • IRICA: Gold, Forex Imports Not Smuggling
    The import of foreign currency does not amount to smuggling and their import, as well as those of gold, is permitted without restriction, a directive issued to all customs offices across the...
  • Gold Coin, Forex Markets Heating Up Again
    The currency and gold coin markets heated up again on Sunday, keeping up a rally that started from the beginning of the trading week on Saturday.  The rally was apparently sparked by a speech...
  • Fresh Rally in Forex, Gold Markets
    Foreign exchange witnessed a fresh rally in the open market, which was accompanied by a surge in the price of gold coin.  On the Central Bank of Iran's website Sana that reports the average...
  • CBI Delivering 2.5m Presold Gold Coins
    The Central Bank of Iran has started the delivery of 2.5 million presold gold coins with a six-month maturity. “As of today, August 19, the delivery phase of the six-month maturity presale plan has...
  • Gold Coin Gains
    The benchmark Bahar Azadi gold coin gained on Tuesday, as both gold and foreign currency markets await greater stability in the wake of the government's rescue package that was unveiled last week...
  • CBI Delivers Presold Gold Coins
    The Central Bank of Iran said on Saturday it has fulfilled its commitment of delivering the gold coins purchased by people during the presale scheme in the past few months. According to a...
  • Forex, Gold Bull Run Slows Ahead of New CBI Package
    Foreign exchange rates in Tehran's unofficial market declined in a sign that the bull run has slowed, following the Central Bank of Iran's announcement that it will soon unveil a package of new...
  • CBI: New Forex Policy Coming
    Abdolnasser Hemmati, the newly-appointed governor of the Central Bank of Iran, said the ongoing volatility in the currency and gold markets is "unusual" and a byproduct of "enemies' conspiracy". ...
  • 30 Major Coin Purchases Funded by Six Banks
    Tehran Prosecutor Abbas Jafari Dolatabadi said investigators in a high-profile probe to crack down on suspected fraud in the gold coin market have traced the means to fund the 30 largest coin...
  • Intense Rally Reported in Forex and Gold Markets
    The US dollar's rally in the unofficial foreign exchange market, along with other major currencies, is gaining in intensity.  Iranian currency hit a record low on Sunday at 100,000 rials to the...
  • Other foreign currencies also gained against the rial on July 23.
    Foreign exchange rates and gold coin prolonged their rallies on Monday, amid news of President Hassan Rouhani deliberating changes in his economic team, which will likely replace the governor of...
  • Fresh Forex, Gold Coin Rally in Tehran Market
    After a period of calm, the US dollar is once again surging in the unofficial market along with other major currencies against the rial.  The forex rally is joining hands with gold coins to form a...
  • Windfall Taxation on Gold Coin, Forex Trading
    Government is to levy taxes on gold coin and foreign currency buyers who benefited from windfall profits amid the recent volatility in the two markets, the economy minister announced on Monday. ...
  • Judiciary Intensifies Monitoring of Forex, Gold Coin Markets
    As the months-long foreign currency and gold coin rally in Iran prevails, mainly due to unyielding speculative activities that have contributed to the decline of the rial, the judiciary has now...
  • Gold Coin Bond Trading to Start in Bourse on Sunday
    Based on a joint scheme launched by the Security and Exchange Organization and the Central Bank of Iran, gold coin presale bonds can be traded in the bourse from Sunday, which can also be sold as...
  • Gov’t to Levy Taxes  on Forex, Gold Dealers
    Iran National Tax Administration has announced details of the government’s initiative to levy taxes on people purchasing high amounts of foreign currencies and gold coins as investments, signaling...
  • CBI, Capital Market Agree to Control  Gold Coin Bull Run
    As gold coin prices are skyrocketing, the Central Bank of Iran has reached an agreement with the capital market on implementing the latest scheme aimed at controlling the bull run. Representatives...
  • Gold Coin Bullish Despite Massive Supply
    Despite several schemes by the Central Bank of Iran to satisfy the supply side, the gold coin rally has come a long way since the early days of the current fiscal year (started March 21).  The...
  • Gold Coin Certificates in  the Offing
    The Central Bank of Iran is preparing the gold market to issue bond certificates for the pre-purchase of gold coins in the capital market, the secretary-general of the monetary regulator has...
  • New Gold Coin Bull Run Begins
    A new bull run has started in Iran's gold coin market, on the back of the rally that intensified in the current week.  The benchmark Bahar Azadi coin crossed another psychological threshold in a...
  • Uptrend in Gold Coin, Forex Rates
    The Emami benchmark gold coin gained another 1% in Tehran on Monday and was traded at close to 25 million rials ($59), a new all-time high, according to Tehran Gold and Jewelry Union’s website. 
  • Gold Coin Surge Continues
    Bahar Azadi gold coin continued its upward trend to gain 800,000 rials ($19) over the four-day period ending Thursday. The Central Bank of Iran announced that the US dollar’s exchange rate rose...
  • Gold Prices Up
    Emami gold coin gained 200,000 rials ($4.7) to trade at 20,640,000 rials ($491) in Tehran’s market on Monday. 
  • 6m Presold Coins to Calm Gold Market
    Close to six million gold coins are to enter the market by the time the current Iranian year ends in March 2019 and this is expected to deflate the bubble in gold prices, which was formed ahead of...
  • Gold Coin Surges
    As the price of all gold coins continued to rise in Tehran’s market, the Central Bank of Iran...