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  • First Womb Transplant Recipient a Mom
    In a medical first, a woman in Sweden has given birth after receiving a womb transplant, the doctor who...
  • Fossil found  in Shirinsu
    A 20 million year old fossil of a manatee also known as sea cow was discovered in Shirinsu in Hamedan  ...
  • Clean Commute in Capital
    The number of bicycles in the capital has increased to about 10,000. “Our first priority is to provide bicycles in ...
  • Global March Against Elephant, Rhino Extinction
    People from at least 136 cities across six continents have marched to press their countries ...
  • Unified Insurance System
    An official at the ministry of cooperatives said all insurance booklets will be unified under one system.
  • Urumia Lake to  be Restored
    The ‘No Farming’ Program launched by Urumia Lake Recovery Headquarters has become operational ...
  • Flood Control Can Help Prevent Drought
    While the country is facing severe drought, flood management can prevent further aggravation of the...
  • Exhibit Extended
    The exhibition on 200,000 years human and animal coexistence in Iran has been extended to...
  • Turkmens Celebrate  Eid al-Adha
    Turkmens in Raz and Jargalan, a county in North Khorasan Province, celebrate Eid al-Adha, regionally ...
  • Tehran Tap Water Safe
    All contradictory statements and doubts regarding the quality of Tehran’s drinking water supply are baseless.
  • New Drug Warning
    An official at the Drug Control Headquarters warned about the arrival of a new generation of ...
  • Scorpions of Kashan
    A starry night in the Kashan desert may give a camper the romantic idea of walking barefoot.
  • Harmful Algae Growth in Sea Waters
    The waters of the Persian Gulf and the Oman Sea have become hot and hotter in the past two decades...
  • Emirate’s A380 Service to Tehran
    Emirates Airline celebrates the launch of its fourth daily nonstop passenger service to Imam Khomeini International Airport in Tehran with the landing of a one-off Airbus A380 service, Emirates Air
  • Move to Improve  Tehran Urban Landscape
    Tehran city view has been chaotic for years, and doesn’t follow any specific pattern.
  • Birds of Fereydoun kenar
    Environmental NGOs wrote an open letter to the head of the Department of Environment, Masumeh Ebtekar...
  • Weather Forecast Obscure
    One-third of Tehran's weather forecast images are obscure as the main radar absorbs the sound waves meant to ...
  • Natural Births Free
    Natural delivery of babies has been declared free in all state-run hospitals since May 2014.
  • Soil Pollution Atlas
    Soil and water resources have a special role in the comprehensive planning of the national ...
  • Tax Laws in Favor of Tourism
    Tourism activists and hotel owners who plan to further develop their activities or set up new buildings...
  • Fertility Problems
    Women should have the chance to freeze their eggs or ovarian tissue in their 20s or early 30s to avoid ...
  • Travel Industry in Breast Cancer Campaign
    This month kicks off Breast Cancer Awareness, and the travel industry from spas to hotels and...
  • Efficient Public Transport for Elders
    October 1 is observed as International Day of Older Persons. On the occasion, deputy mayor of ...
  • Iran to Welcome Turkish Tours
    Turkish tourism delegates from Izmir and Van will visit Iran in late October, to help set up Turkish tours to the country.
  • Blue Ribbon Campaign to Beat Diabetes
    The Gabric Diabetes Education Association, (GDEA) has launched the blue ribbon campaign to prevent...