• With more than 300 sunny days throughout the year, Iran has huge potentials to expand solar energy infrastructure

    In line with efforts to use the country's maximum potential in harnessing renewables, 55 zones have been identified in the northern Mazandaran Province for developing solar power plants, a senior official said.
    "Plans are high on the agenda to implement four solar plants in the province by the end of the current [fiscal] year [ending March 2019]," Qasem Shahabi, the managing director of Power Distribution Company of Mazandaran Province, was also quoted as saying by Zist Online. Studies will be conducted to survey other zones for prospective ventures, he added. The geographical data of the regions will be sent to the Renewable Energy Organization of Iran to raise funds through the country’s top state-owned organization for renewable energies.
    Referring to the vast potentials of the province for harnessing green energy, the official said there are currently three active solar farms in Mazandaran, which number needs to increase since the renovation of the region's traditional power grid is costly.


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