• Private Sector to Develop 40 APG Projects in Khuzestan

    The National Iranian Oil Company is set to assign the private sector with some 40 projects on curbing the flaring of associated petroleum gases from southern oilfields to be used in petrochemical complexes as feedstock , a senior energy official said.
    “Based on initial assessments, the collective investment will range between $700 million and $2 billion,” Ruhollah Mahdavi, the head of Energy Commission at Tehran’s Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture, was quoted as saying by NIOC’s portal.
    “Awaiting the Cabinet’s approval, the projects are envisaged to use the collected APG as the feedstock for petrochemical complexes,” he added.            
    APG is a form of natural gas found in petroleum deposits. It is often released as a waste product and burnt off as flare gas.


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