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  • Southern Shores' Parched Patch to Persist in Fall
    Already strained by a sharp fall in precipitation during the closing water year (began September 23, 2017), the southern coastline is not expected to receive a normal amount of rainfall during the...
  • Air Pollution  Creeping Into Summers
    This year's summer is reaching its end while the capital has seen no "good" air quality during the first two months of the hot season. This is clearly illustrated if the air quality in the 62-day...
  • High Time to Step Up Waste Recycling
    Waste sorting at the source of generation is fundamental to any efficient waste management cycle, and in the eyes of waste management experts is an indispensable part of handling refuse. So why...
  • Iran's representative at IPCC maintains that the exposure to climate change offers an opportunity to reverse adverse trends.
    Climate change and its consequences as the trigger for natural disasters are considered one of the top challenges menacing the world today. Iran has not been an exception since it has so far been...
  • Iran's average precipitation rate has been lower than the global average for at least 10 years.
    The central plateau catchment area, the vastest among the six primary drainage basins inside Iran, is hopelessly struggling in a battle against drought these days. This is not a new challenge, as...
  • Iran: Dim Prospects for Water Recovery
    The latest figures on precipitation have diminished the authorities' hopes of at least a little improvement in Iran's water situation and alleviation of the growing drought. Iran has been...
  • Iran has a long tradition of producing artisanal goods, including Persian carpets, ceramics, copperware, brassware and glass.
    An innovative, Android-based smartphone application, designed by a private firm...
  • The Paris Agreement demonstrates that countries are serious about addressing global warming.
    Iran became the 106th country on Sunday to ratify the landmark ....
  • Buskers Get a Voice
    Although many governments have accepted busking as a legal job, there are still countries....
  • Symbiosis in Experimental Art
    The third edition of the Tehran Experimental Art Week was launched on Thursday (May 12) at...
  • Animated Learning
    Education through any medium is challenging enough, requiring the right tools and modules to...