Iran Non-Oil Export Profile 2016-2017
Iran Non-Oil Export Profile 2016-2017

Iran Non-Oil Export Profile 2016-2017

Iran Non-Oil Export Profile 2016-2017

The latest data released by Iran Customs Administration and Trade Promotion Organization shows that Iran exported 129.648 million tons of non-oil goods with a total value of $43.93 billion during the last Iranian fiscal year (ended March 20), registering 3.58% growth in total value of exports year-on-year. 



Iran Export Destination

China remained the top export destination for Iranian goods. The Asian country imported 37.7 million tons of goods worth $8.177 billion during the last Iranian fiscal year, up 9.1% compared with the year before.

Other major export destinations were the UAE with $7.43 billion, Iraq with $6.1 billion, Turkey with $3.2 billion and South Korea with $2.8 billion.

South Korea recorded 229% increase in the value of imports from Iran during the last Iranian year, according to the IRICA. However, export to Turkey experienced 3.5% drop in the total value.

  Country Value (Billion USD) Change  Share (%)
1 China 8.4 +9% 19.1
2 UAE 7.4 +3% 16.9
3 Iraq 6.1 -2% 13.9
4 Turkey 3.2 -3.5% 7.4
5 South Korea 2.9 +230% 6.5
6 India 2.8 +10% 6.3
7 Afghanistan 2.4 -7% 5.4
8 Japan 1.1 -6% 2.5
9 Pakistan 0.76 +18% 1.7
10 Oman 0.53 +42% 1.2

Iran's exports to African countries grew 100% in the last Iranian year (March 2016-17), ran's major exported commodities to Africa include pastry, chocolate, industrial oils, petrochemicals, asphalt and building construction materials.


Iran Exports to EU

European imports from Iran showed a 6.5% rise in that month, compared with last year’s corresponding period.

According to the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Customs Administration, Iran’s trade with Europe stood at €1.5 billion ($1.6 billion) in January 2017, registering a staggering 171% increase year-on-year.

Hot-rolled non-alloy iron and steel topped the list of Iran’s exports to the EU last year, from which Iran earned around $66 million. Non-alloy iron and steel in forms other than ingots followed, earning $50 million.

About $41 million worth of gas condensates were exported from Iran to the EU last year, marking 100% growth year-on-year.

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Iran Petrochemical Exports

Petrochemical products account for the largest portion of Iran’s non-oil exports

Gas condensate was the main exported commodity, comprising $7.32 billion of the export value. It was followed by light oil, excluding gasoline ($2.49 billion), liquefied natural gases ($2.79 billion), liquefied propane ($1.222 billion) and petroleum gases and liquefied hydrocarbons ($1.204 billion).

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Iran Agro Exports

Iran exported 4.45 million tones of agricultural products, worth $3.795 billion during the past Iranian fiscal year (ended March 2017). IRICA has recorded 1% drop in the volume of agro exports and 17% increase in their total value.

Iran pistachio exports earned $1.2 billion during the last fiscal year (2016-17), indicating 3% increase compared with the year before. Hong Kong, Vietnam, UAE, Germany, and India are top five importers of Iranian pistachio, according to the TPO.

Iran also exported $906 million worth of fresh fruits during the said period, down 2% year-on-year. Iraq, UAE, and Russia were the top importers of fresh fruit from Iran during the last fiscal year. Russia imported $36 million worth of fresh fruit from Iran, registering 177% growth year-on-year.

Seafood and saffron were also among top agro products exported from Iran during the fiscal year that ended on March 20, 2017. Seafood exports earned $327 million in the said period, up 43% YoY. Annual saffron exports amounted to $264 million, recording 60% growth compared with the year before.

IRICA also reported significant drops in tea and potato exports–35% and 52% respectively. The TPO names fluctuations in potato price in the domestic market and high tariffs for exporting tea as the main causes of the drop.

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Food Products

About $1.2 billion worth of livestock and poultry products were exported over the 11 months to February 18, registering a $554.7 million trade surplus in the sector.

About 62,600 tons of chicken worth $77.3 million, 750,000 tons of milk worth $683 million and 800,000 tons of eggs worth $53.5 million were exported during the 11-month period.

Iran also exported 815,000 tons of meat, over 9.5 million tons of milk, 2 million tons of chicken, 940,000 tons of eggs and 81,500 tons of honey were produced in Iran last year.

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Iran Mineral Exports

Iran exported more than $7 billion worth of mineral goods during the previous fiscal year (March 2016-17), registering 17% growth respectively compared with the year before. Mineral exports accounted for 44% and 16% of Iran’s total export volume and value during the period respectively.

Crude steel and steel products took the lion’s share of exports in terms of value, as 6.69 million tons worth $2.69 billion were shipped overseas during the period, up 49% and 0.3% in weight and value respectively YOY.

Copper and copper products came next with 810,138 tons valued at $662 million, up 147% and 131% in weight and value respectively. Copper shipments recorded the highest growth in volume and value among all mineral commodities after precious metal exports.

Details: $3.3b Trade Surplus in Iran's Mining Sector


Iran Auto Exports

 Iran auto industry’s total exports reached $217.4 million during the last Iranian year, indicating a 38% year-on-year decline.

Iranian automakers exported vehicles worth $36.6 million in the last fiscal (ended March 20). Iraq, Algeria, Lebanon, Turkmenistan, and Syria were the main export destinations.

During the 12-month period, Iran exported heavy duty vehicles —including trailer trucks and tractors — and generated $35.8 million.

The number indicates a 28.5% year-on-year fall in the export of heavy duty vehicles.


Automakers in Iran exported auto parts with the total value of $145 million -- a 52% decline compared to the previous year. Almost 79% of the auto parts went to Iraq, Afghanistan, the UAE, Turkmenistan and Turkey.

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Iran Pharmaceutical Exports

During the previous Iranian fiscal year, Iran exported $210 million worth of medicine and medical and laboratory equipment, marking 28.9% growth year-on-year.

Afghanistan imported $44.8 million worth of human medicine from Iran during the last year, becoming the main export destination for this group of goods. Iran also exported more than $17 million worth of human goods to Russia, marking 3440% growth year-on-year.

Human medicine exports from Iran made a total of 127.6 million last year, up 28.8% YoY.

Iran also exported near $6 million worth of animal medicine to Iraq, registering 112% growth annually.


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