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Iran’s Annual Nut Production Tops 1m Tons

Twenty-eight types of nuts are cultivated in Iran.Twenty-eight types of nuts are cultivated in Iran.
Iran supplies more than 50% of the world pistachio market

Iran produces more than 1.18 million tons of different kinds of nuts every year, close to 800,000 tons of which are consumed domestically and the rest is exported, an official with the Ministry of Agriculture said.

“Per capita nut consumption in Iran amounts to 10 kilograms [per year], four times as much as the global average,” Ramezan Rouintan was also quoted as saying by Eranico.

The official added that every year over 260,000 tons of pistachio, 160,000 tons of almonds, 230,000 tons of walnuts, 230,000 tons raisins, 25,000 tons of hazelnuts, 22,000 tons of white mulberries, 44,000 tons of figs and 18,000 tons of peanuts are produced in Iran.

“Overall, 28 types of nuts are cultivated in the country with the above-mentioned accounting for the lion’s share. We have never had a shortage of nuts at home. Now, we have sufficient reserves to meet the domestic demand that increases during the New Year holidays,” he said.

The upcoming Iranian New Year holiday begins on March 21, 2017. Domestic nut and fruit consumption increases, as the occasion is celebrated with relatives and friends paying visits to one another. Nuts and fruit are typical treats offered to guests in Iranian homes.

Mojtaba Khosrotaj, the head of Iran Trade Promotion Organization, said Iran supplies more than 50% of the world pistachio market.

“The world pistachio market is worth over $2 billion and our exports amounted to $1.2 billion last year (March 2015-16). In the nine months to December 20, we exported over $800 million worth of the product and expect to repeat last year’s figure by the yearend,” he said.

Khosrotaj made the statements to Financial Tribune on the sidelines of the Fourth International Exhibition of Nuts, Dried Fruits and Related Industries held in Tehran in January.

“We exported over $150 million and $122 million worth of raisins and dates respectively over the nine-month period and expect the figure for both commodities to reach $200 million by the end of the year. The export of these three products is estimated to reach approximately $1.5 billion this year,” he said.

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