Urmia Lake

  • Urmia Lake is located in a region where precipitation has been above normal unlike other catchment areas of the country.
    The Energy Ministry has denied the recent accusations by the Department of Environment and officials with the Urmia Lake Restoration Project regarding its refusal to release water from dam...
  • The restoration of the embattled lake is a high priority for the government.
    Water transfer from Lake Van in Turkey to the troubled Urmia Lake is not a practical option yet, said Masoud Baqerzadeh Karimi, deputy for wetlands affairs at the Department of Environment. The...
  • Boukan Dam to Feed Urmia Lake
    Water from Boukan Dam will soon feed the ailing Urmia Lake with 70 million cubic meters of water per second, an official at the West Azarbaijan Regional Water Authority said. According to Kioumars...
  • Urmia Lake Restoration Hits Financial Roadblock
    Work on Urmia Lake restoration has slowed due to intermittent cash injections, an...