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Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen touted on Sunday economic upturn, lower unemployment rate, and rise in stock exchange index since she took office as evidence that the Democratic Progressive Party is more capable of growing the economy than the Kuomintang, CNA reported. “The KMT has attacked us (the government) for economic sluggishness. Is the economy picking up? Everyone can look at the numbers. Numbers talk,” Tsai said when addressing DPP supporters at a campaign rally in Kaohsiung. On the performance of gross domestic product growth, Tsai said that Taiwan has seen continued growth of above 3% for four consecutive quarters, compared to an annual 0.8% before she came to office in May 2016. Taiwan’s economy grew 0.85% in 2015. In terms of GDP growth, Tsai said that Taiwan has surpassed South Korea. “We are not in the last place among the four little dragons.” The DGBAS’ data showed that the growth rate in the last fourth quarters since the third quarter last year was 3.10%, 3.28%, 3.04%, and 3.29%. Tsai said that the unemployment rate for 2017 averaged 3.76%, a record low in 17 years, and it further went down to 3.69% for the first half of this year.


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