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Romania Economy in Trouble Due to Labor Shortage

Romania Economy in Trouble Due to Labor ShortageRomania Economy in Trouble Due to Labor Shortage

The manufacturer work market in Romania is in trouble. More than 70% of the millers and turners are at least 50 years old and the retirement of these craftsmen could also mean the disappearance of these trades in the Romanian market, due to the lack of qualified personnel, according to the study of the labor market conducted by the Association of Local Employers and Investors, or PIAROM, Business Review reported.

With huge percentage of employees over 50, there is a greater danger for specific positions in the work market.

- Over 83% of overseers from civil, industrial and agricultural construction have over 50 years

- About 82% of mechanical sub-engineers

- Around 75% of millers

- About 74% of turners

- 71% of employees working as foremen

- Over 66% of employees working as rectifiers

- Over 62% of those who work as a mechanical foreman

- Over 61% of mold technicians

- About 60% of those who work as energetic-electrician foreman, and

- More than 57% of stokers.

Occupations with the highest risk belong to the technical field and require higher education level or medium level technical training.

According to the PIAROM study, the structure of graduates of the Romanian education system is not adapted to the needs of the labor market, especially if it is related to vocational education.

For example, in 2017 the main three professional qualifications were, according to the curricula, those of motor mechanics (4,726 graduates), textile products (1,593 graduates) and waiter in catering units (1,345 graduates).

So, probably, states PIAROM, many of the graduates will have to use professional reconversion.

The disappearance of job searches on the market, with the retirement of the last craftspeople who perform in those areas and the migration of skilled workers are among the major labor market problems in Romania that tend to become more acute and may become a threat in time for stability and sustainability of macroeconomic development.


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