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BMW Jobs at Risk in US

BMW Jobs at Risk in USBMW Jobs at Risk in US

In the heart of America, there’s a German giant. It’s the largest BMW factory in the world. Welcome to Spartanburg, with 10,000 employees, and 1,400 vehicles produced every day, Euronews reported. The factory makes a whole region live, but since Donald Trump threatens to tax imports in the sector, subcontractors fear to be the first victims. “If the whole system is not working then for sure we have to think about all the jobs. Well they would probably cut out us the contractors. People won’t start building stuff if they don’t have the money.” Almost 70% of the cars manufactured here are destined for the external market. The biggest exporter is the United States, at the forefront of the trade war. It’s a disaster for the city of Spartanburg if there are fewer cars produced or they’re too expensive to manufacture. The entire region relies on the “good health” of the German company. At Spartanburg, however, the effects of the commercial war are already being felt in the 400 companies installed in the wake of BMW.

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