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Venezuela Wants to Improve Economy

Venezuela Wants to Improve EconomyVenezuela Wants to Improve Economy

Venezuelan Labor Minister Eduardo Pinate says the Bolivarian government will maintain the policies to stabilize and get the economy into shape, in light of financial attacks and destabilizing maneuvers promoted by oligarchic sectors, Prensa Latina reported. In an interview on Friday with the private TV channel Globovision, Pinate pointed out that the government’s goal is to bring back the levels of economic prosperity that existed in the previous decade, parameters that dropped due to the non-conventional war promoted by right-wing sectors with support from foreign powers. He noted authorities’ social policies to protect the people and defend the workers’ income by increasing the minimum salary and implement social programs for the access to goods and services. This week, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro decreed a 103% increase in the integral salary, as part of the measures to protect the working class from the destabilizing actions of the so-called economic warfare. At a meeting with the working class at the Junin Theater in Caracas, the president also announced a 200% increase in salary for public administration officials, physicians, teachers, and military and police officers.

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