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After 2020, 90% of Jobs Will Require Digital Skills

After 2020, 90% of Jobs Will Require Digital SkillsAfter 2020, 90% of Jobs Will Require Digital Skills

After 2020, 90% of the jobs will require digital skills, the EU Commissioner for the Digital Economy, Mariya Gabriel, said Monday, speaking at a citizens’ dialogue on the digital future of Europe and the role of digitalization for the development and growth of regions, BTA reported. Gabriel said that 169 million people in Europe still do not have even basic digital skills. Gabriel dwelled on the benefits and drawbacks of the digitalization, paying special attention to the social isolation it can create. She also noted the importance of cyber security. She recalled the plans for the creation of a new strong cyber security agency in Europe, which will have greater financial and human resources. The EU Commissioner said that a mechanism has been proposed for the first time for coordination among EU member states in the event of large-scale cyber attacks. Gabriel spoke about the project for free public WiFi, noting that more than 17,000 European municipalities have signed up. With 200 entrants, Bulgaria is one of the countries with the highest number of municipalities which registered for participation in the project, she said.


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