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Russia to Build Crypto-Park

Russia to Build Crypto-ParkRussia to Build Crypto-Park

Russian Association of Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies, or RACIB, aims to deploy a grand-scale crypto-park in Stupino to facilitate fundraising via ICOs and develop blockchain-based products and decentralized apps, Cryptorussia portal said. Stupino is a small town in Moscow Oblast with special economic area created by private investors without governmental support. The crypto-part will be deployed on the basis of Universa blockchain platform, founded by Alexandr Borodich, a Russian entrepreneur, and venture investor, Cryptovest reported. Universa positions itself as a simple and secure solution for creating smart contracts and decentralized apps. It features low transaction fees, fast speed, high liquidity, and data confidentiality. The project was launched in July 2017 and got high scores during BlockchainRF-2018 congress held in Moscow at the end of March. RACIB recommended Universa platform as the most high-tech and advanced solution and announced that it would be used as the primary technological solution for Stupino crypto-park. RACIB hopes to attract high-profile specialists from Moscow and the surrounding region to the project and keep the expenses down, Zamir Akimov, RACIB vice-president, explained.



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