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China Dam Breaks Record

China Dam Breaks RecordChina Dam Breaks Record

China’s Three Gorges dam has broken the world record for annual hydroelectric power production, more than a decade after it became the world’s largest power plant, its operator said, AFP said in a report.

The Yangtze river power station generated 98.8 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity in 2014, the Three Gorges Dam Corporation said in a statement, topping the 2013 production from the Brazilian-Paraguayan Itaipu dam.

The amount of electricity generated by the plant is roughly equivalent to burning 49 million tons of coal, thereby preventing 100 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions.

The Three Gorges dam is the world’s largest power plant by installed capacity with 22,500 megawatts, a third more than Itaipu, on the Parana river.