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Taiwan Attracts $4.4b FDI

Taiwan Attracts $4.4b FDITaiwan Attracts $4.4b FDI

Taiwan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) approved 3,223 foreign direct investment projects (except from China) with a total value of $4.433 billion in January-November 2014, respectively increasing by 12.61% and by 4.49% on year, according to MOEA statistics released on December 22, MarketWatch reported.

In the same period, MOEA approved 447 outward direct investment projects (except in China) proposed by Taiwan-based companies or individuals with a total value of $6.825 billion, respectively rising by 31.86% and by 61.33% on year.

Also in January-November, MOEA approved 116 investment projects proposed by China-based enterprises with a total value of $327.93 million. On the other hand, there were 360 approved projects of direct investment in China proposed by Taiwan-based companies or individuals with a total amount of $8.614 billion, slipping by 8.63% and growing by 12.80% respectively on year.

 Unemployment Down

Taiwan had 451,000 jobless citizens in November 2014, equivalent to an unemployment rate of 3.89% which dropped by 0.06pp on month and by 0.27pp on year, according to the Directorate-General of Budget, Accounting and Statistics (DGBAS).

Taiwan’s population aged 15 and over stood at 19.755 million in November, consisting of 11.588 million for labor force and 8.167 million for non-labor force with a labor participation rate of 58.66%, DGBAS indicated.

In November, Taiwan’s unemployment rate was lower than those in France (10.5%), Canada (6.6%), the UK (5.9%), the US (5.8%), and Germany (4.9%), but higher than Japan (3.5%), South Korea (3.5%), Hong Kong (3.3%) and Singapore (2.0%), DGBAS said.