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Deal of the Decade!

Deal of the Decade!Deal of the Decade!

The EU would be mad to spurn our offer of tariff-free trade and should shake on post-Brexit deal—or be stuck with a £13.2 billion ($16.92 billion) bill, Conservative MP Charlie Elphicke said. The numbers show that it would be an economically illiterate act of self-harm for the EU “to reject our offer and turn down this deal of the decade”, AFP reported. This week the government offered Brussels the deal of the decade. “The offer to continue tariff-free trade after we leave Europe is a great deal for the EU,” he said. For tariffs would hit Europe’s exports to Britain twice as hard as they would hit British exports to them. “Today we trade as part of the EU’s Customs Union. That means there are no tariffs or trade barriers between Britain and the EU. The EU are the winners from this. They sell us £240 billion of goods every year. In return, we export just £144 billion to them. They sell £96 billion more goods to us than we sell to them.”


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